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3-5 Curriculum
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3-5 Curriculum

Digital Curricula for Language Arts, Mathematics, & Science

New Albany Elementary has developed a balanced approach to teaching children to read. Our reading instruction includes: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary fluency, and text comprehension. Programs include:

Pearson: Reading Street 3-5 (Digital)
A comprehensive Reading and Language Arts series that offers scientifically research based instruction and online experiences to meet the needs of all students.

Envision Math (Digital)
Written specifically to address the rigor of the Common Core State Standards. Based on foundational research. This curriculum is accessed digitally through the use of laptops.

Pearson Digital Science Curricula
An online curriculum that makes the learning of Science personal, relevant, and engaging. Students interact with text and activities on laptop computers at school and home.

Social Studies

Social Studies is integrated with the reading series. In addition supplements are used to ensure the necessity of addressing all the required benchmarks.

3-5 students participate in a thirty minute rotation each day. This enables New Albany Elementary to offer the student a variety of additional subjects.

  • Library
  • Music
  • Physical Education and Health
  • Citizenship
  • Art
  • Keyboarding
  The computer lab host 30 individual computers all with Internet capability and student friendly software. In addition to the scheduled computer lab rotation, the computer lab is available daily for teachers to access and use with their whole class.

Keyboarding is taught to the 5th grade students using the computer lab and a mobile computer unit. Wireless Internet laptops are brought into the classrooms allowing each student the individual opportunity to work on a state of the art computer. In addition to introducing the students to keyboarding at an early age the laptops allow the students to become computer efficient. The laptops also are available for all teachers and classrooms to utilize and incorporate the use of the Internet.

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