Dear Students and Parents

Gwyn RussellOn behalf of the staff and administration at New Albany Elementary School (NAES),

I want to say welcome. It is a privilege to work alongside you in our endeavor of academic excellence. With high expectations, our goal will be to grow each student. We want both staff and students to be lifelong learners.

As respectful and responsible lifelong learners, we each have a lead role in our students’ success stories. We will be the supporting cast as we work to provide the best possible educational opportunities for our NAES students. We are committed to doing what is necessary to create a safe, disciplined, learning environment. Working together, we will reflect, evaluate, and strive to always make sure we are putting students’ needs first.

Schools are most successful when all stakeholders are actively involved in the
learning process; we want to encourage and foster this involvement. Your dedication to excellence will be vital in ensuring the success of our school and the development of our students. We have high expectations for administration, teachers, students, and staff; together, we will work to grow a culture and climate that is welcoming and safe for all. Working as a team, we can achieve our goal of excellence as we move forward into new opportunities to positively change young lives.

Your Partner in Learning,
Gwyn Russell